Original Broadway Production (1963)

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Dances and Musical Numbers

Cast Highlights

Admiral Boris Soukhomine
Count Ivan Shamforoff
Natalia Mayovskaya
Helen Davis
George Davis
Charles Davis
Grace Davis

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Nitchevo .... Mikail, Soukhomine, Shamforoff, Marina, Singing and Dancing Ensembles
  • I Go to Bed .... Mikail
  • You'll Make an Elegant Butler (I'll Make an Elegant Maid) .... Tatiana
  • Stuck With Each Other .... Helen, George
  • Say You'll Stay .... Grace, Charles
  • You Love Me .... Tatiana, Mikail
  • Introduction Tango .... Tatiana, Helen, Mikail, George
  • That Face .... Natalia
  • Wilkes-Barre, P. A. .... Tatiana, George
  • No! No! No! .... Helen, Mikail
  • A Small Cartel .... Grace, Charles, Singing Ensemble

Act Two

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  • It Used to Be .... Soukhomine, Shamforoff, Natalia, Vassily
  • Kukla Katusha .... Dancing Ensemble
  • Make a Friend .... Tatiana, Helen, Natalia, Mikail, George, Soukhomine, Shamforoff, Sergei, Ivan
  • The Only One .... Tatiana
  • Uh-Oh! .... Helen, George
  • Managed .... Mikail
  • I Know the Feeling .... Tatiana
  • All for You .... Tatiana, Mikail
  • Grande Polonaise .... Helen, Grace, George, Charles, Dancing Ensemble

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

Between the out-of-town opening in Philadelphia, on Jan. 21, 1963, and the Broadway opening, the original director was replaced, along with three cast members. Delbert Mann was the original director. He was replaced by Peter Glenville. Taina Elg was originally cast as Natalia Mayovskaya. She was replaced by Louise Troy. John Emery was originally cast as Gorotchenko. He was replaced by Alexander Scourby. C. K. Alexander was originally cast as M. Chauffourier-Dubleff. He was replaced by Don McHenry.

Between Philadelphia and Broadway, the production played in Boston.

In an interview in the book Sing Out, Louise! Elg said that she and Emery were replaced during the Philadelphia run, but she and Emery are listed in playbills early in the Boston run, and they were in the cast lists for Boston reviews, so the replacements would seem to have occurred during the Boston run. Playbills from later in the Boston list Troy and Scourby. Even the Boston playbills we have found that list Troy and Scourby still list Mann as director. This was probably because the contractual terms were still being worked out. In all likelihood, Mann had been effectively replaced by early in the Boston run, at the latest.

It may be that C. K. Alexander was not replaced till shortly before the Broadway opening.

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