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Trending Productions

  • Heathers
    Original Off-Broadway Production (2014)
  • Cats
    Original London Production (1981)
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    About Cats

    Cats is a musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. It tells the story of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles and the night they make the "Jellicle choice," deciding which cat will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new life. The musical was first performed in London's West End in 1981, and on Broadway in 1982. It won the Olivier and Tony Awards for Best Musical. The London production ran for 21 years and the Broadway production ran for 18 years, both setting long-run records. Actresses Elaine Paige and Betty Buckley became particularly associated with the musical. Cats has been translated into more than 20 languages and produced in more than 30 countries. It has been performed around the world many times and has been one of the world's most popular musicals since its debut. It has also been adapted into a direct-to-video film and a feature film.

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  • Chicago
    Original Broadway Production (1975)
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    About Chicago

    "Chicago" is a renowned musical with music by John Kander, lyrics by Fred Ebb, and a book by Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse. It first premiered on Broadway in 1975 and is based on a 1926 play of the same name by Maurine Dallas Watkins. Set in the Roaring Twenties, "Chicago" tells the story of Roxie Hart, a chorus girl who murders her lover and navigates the sensationalized world of crime and celebrity in Chicago. The musical is known for its jazzy score, sharp wit, and satirical commentary on fame, corruption, and the justice system. With iconic songs like "All That Jazz," "Cell Block Tango," and "Razzle Dazzle," "Chicago" captivates audiences with its catchy tunes and memorable choreography. While the original Broadway production received mixed reviews, the show gained a cult following and enjoyed a successful revival in 1996, which is still running on Broadway today. The revival production received critical acclaim and won numerous Tony Awards, including Best Revival of a Musical. "Chicago" has since become one of the longest-running and most successful musicals in Broadway history, captivating audiences with its sultry atmosphere, dynamic performances, and timeless themes of ambition, deceit, and the pursuit of fame.

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  • The Young Visiters
    Original London Production (1968)
  • Les Misérables
    Original London Production (1985)
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    About Les Misérables

    "Les Misérables" is a groundbreaking musical that premiered in 1980 in Paris and quickly captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Based on Victor Hugo's epic novel of the same name, the musical tells a sweeping tale of love, redemption, and revolution set against the backdrop of 19th-century France.

    The musical was created by Claude-Michel Schönberg (music) and Alain Boublil and Jean-Marc Natel (original French lyrics), with an English adaptation by Herbert Kretzmer. Its emotionally powerful score and deeply moving story resonated with audiences, leading to its English-language premiere in London's West End in 1985.

    The West End production of "Les Misérables" was an instant sensation, receiving critical acclaim and becoming one of the longest-running musicals in history. It has since been staged in over 40 countries and translated into multiple languages, captivating audiences worldwide.

    The popularity of "Les Misérables" led to a Broadway production opening in 1987, where it garnered similar acclaim and accolades. It became one of the longest-running shows on Broadway, solidifying its status as a musical theater phenomenon.

    The musical's success can be attributed to its compelling characters, memorable songs, and poignant storytelling. Songs such as "I Dreamed a Dream," "On My Own," and "One Day More" have become iconic, with their emotional depth and soaring melodies leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

    In addition to its success on stage, "Les Misérables" was adapted into a critically acclaimed film in 2012, further expanding its reach and introducing the story to new audiences.

    With its powerful themes of justice, love, and the struggle for freedom, "Les Misérables" continues to resonate with audiences, transcending language and cultural barriers. Its universal message of hope and resilience has made it a beloved musical that has touched the hearts of millions around the world, firmly establishing its place in the pantheon of musical theater classics.

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  • The Rocky Horror Show
    Original London Production (1973)
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    About The Rocky Horror Show

    The Rocky Horror Show is a cult classic musical created by Richard O'Brien that has captivated audiences since its premiere in 1973. The show combines elements of science fiction, horror, and campy humor to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

    The story follows the newly engaged couple, Brad and Janet, who find themselves stranded at the mysterious castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad scientist and self-proclaimed "sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania." As they are pulled into a world of eccentric characters and sexual liberation, their conservative views are challenged and their lives take an unexpected turn.

    The Rocky Horror Show is known for its energetic and provocative musical numbers, including iconic songs such as "Time Warp," "Sweet Transvestite," and "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me." These songs have become anthems of the show and are often sung along by enthusiastic audiences.

    The show was adapted as a movie in 1975, retitled The Rocky Horror Picture Show. What sets movie version apart is its interactive nature, with audiences encouraged to participate by dressing up in costume, shouting out lines, and engaging in synchronized dance movements. The show has become a midnight movie tradition, with regular screenings accompanied by live performances and audience participation.

    The Rocky Horror Show's blend of sci-fi, camp, and rock music has made it a cultural phenomenon, inspiring a devoted following and countless adaptations, including the successful 1975 film adaptation, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Its celebration of self-expression, sexual liberation, and embracing the unconventional continues to resonate with audiences, making it a unique and enduring musical experience.

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  • Grease!
    Broadway Revival (1994)
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    About Grease!

    The musical "Grease" is a timeless and iconic production that has captured the hearts of audiences since its premiere in 1971. Created by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, "Grease" takes us back to the 1950s, where we follow the lives of a group of high school students at Rydell High.

    The story revolves around the romance between greaser Danny Zuko and new girl Sandy Dumbrowski, exploring themes of teenage rebellion, identity, and the struggles of fitting in. As the characters navigate the ups and downs of love and friendship, the show immerses us in the vibrant and nostalgic world of 1950s rock 'n' roll.

    "Grease" features an electrifying score that blends catchy pop and rock 'n' roll tunes, including memorable songs like "Summer Nights," "Greased Lightnin'," and "You're the One That I Want." These songs have become cultural touchstones, instantly recognizable and beloved by audiences of all generations.

    The show's energetic dance numbers, colorful costumes, and high-energy performances create a dynamic atmosphere that captures the spirit of youth and rebellion. With its relatable characters, catchy music, and timeless themes, "Grease" continues to be a crowd-pleasing favorite that has been revived countless times on stage and adapted into a successful film in 1978.

    "Grease" celebrates the nostalgia of the 1950s while touching upon universal experiences of adolescence and first love. It reminds us of the enduring power of music and the importance of staying true to ourselves, making it a beloved and enduring classic in the world of musical theater.

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  • Camelot
    Touring Production (1977)
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    About Camelot

    "Camelot" is a beloved musical with a book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe. The show premiered on Broadway in 1960 and has since become one of the most iconic and enduring musicals of all time.

    Based on the Arthurian legends, "Camelot" tells the story of King Arthur, his beloved Queen Guinevere, and the knight Lancelot. The musical explores the ideals of chivalry, honor, and the pursuit of a utopian kingdom. It delves into the complexities of love, loyalty, and the responsibilities of leadership as Arthur strives to create a world where might is replaced by justice and compassion.

    "Camelot" features memorable songs such as "If Ever I Would Leave You," "The Lusty Month of May," and the title song "Camelot," which have become classics in the musical theater repertoire. The show combines romance, drama, and elements of fantasy to create a captivating and magical experience for audiences.

    The musical's themes of idealism, sacrifice, and the struggle to maintain integrity in the face of adversity have resonated with audiences over the years. It has been revived multiple times on Broadway and has had successful productions worldwide.

    "Camelot" has also had a significant cultural impact, with its name becoming synonymous with the notion of an idyllic and utopian society. The musical has been adapted into a film and has inspired countless reinterpretations and references in popular culture.

    With its sweeping score, enchanting story, and themes of love and honor, "Camelot" continues to be cherished as a timeless and legendary musical that invites audiences into the magical world of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

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  • Hairspray
    Original Broadway Production (2002)
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    About Hairspray

    The musical "Hairspray," with music by Marc Shaiman, is a lively and uplifting show that premiered on Broadway in 2002. It is based on the 1988 John Waters film of the same name. Set in 1960s Baltimore, the musical follows the story of Tracy Turnblad, a plus-sized teenager with a passion for dancing and a desire to break racial barriers on a popular TV dance show.

    Marc Shaiman's music in "Hairspray" is a delightful blend of 1960s rock and roll, pop, and R&B, capturing the spirit of the era and infusing the show with infectious energy. The show features catchy songs such as "Good Morning Baltimore," "You Can't Stop the Beat," and "Welcome to the 60s," which have become audience favorites. Shaiman's lyrics, along with Scott Wittman's, bring humor, social commentary, and heartfelt moments to the forefront, creating a vibrant and memorable musical experience.

    "Hairspray" has received critical acclaim for its messages of tolerance, acceptance, and fighting for equality, wrapped in an entertaining and joyful package. The show won numerous Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and has been performed worldwide, inspiring audiences with its infectious spirit, lively choreography, and empowering story. "Hairspray" continues to be celebrated as a spirited celebration of diversity, self-acceptance, and the power of music to bring about positive change.

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  • Godspell
    Toronto Production (1972)
  • Merrily We Roll Along
    Donmar Warehouse Revival (2000)
  • Oliver!
    Original London Production (1960)
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    About Oliver!

    Lionel Bart's musical "Oliver!" is a beloved and enduring adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic novel "Oliver Twist." The show premiered in London's West End in 1960 and went on to achieve great success, including a Tony Award-winning Broadway production in 1963 and a critically acclaimed film adaptation in 1968.

    "Oliver!" follows the journey of the young orphan Oliver Twist, who escapes from a workhouse and finds himself immersed in the gritty and colorful world of Victorian London. From encounters with pickpockets led by the charismatic Fagin to his search for love and family, Oliver's story unfolds with moments of hardship, compassion, and ultimately, hope.

    Lionel Bart's memorable score features beloved songs such as "Consider Yourself," "Food, Glorious Food," and the iconic ballad "As Long as He Needs Me." These songs, with their catchy melodies and poignant lyrics, have become musical theater standards and have contributed to the enduring popularity of the show.

    "Oliver!" is known for its vibrant characters, lively choreography, and emotional storytelling. It captures both the grittiness and the humanity of Dickens' original work, tackling themes of poverty, social injustice, and the indomitable spirit of the human soul.

    The success of "Oliver!" lies in its ability to entertain audiences of all ages while also exploring deeper social issues. It continues to be a staple of community and professional theater productions, charming audiences with its timeless story, memorable music, and heartwarming messages of resilience, compassion, and the power of love.

    Overall, Lionel Bart's musical adaptation of "Oliver!" stands as a testament to the enduring power of Dickens' story and showcases the transformative and universal nature of musical theater.

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  • Whistle Down the Wind
    Original London Production (1998)
  • The Phantom of the Opera
    Original London Production (1986)
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    About The Phantom of the Opera

    "The Phantom of the Opera" is a musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Charles Hart, and a book by Lloyd Webber and Richard Stilgoe. It is based on the eponymous French novel "Le Fantôme de l'Opéra" by Gaston Leroux. The musical opened in London at Her Majesty's Theatre on 9 October 1986.

    The music of "The Phantom of the Opera" is among Lloyd Webber's most famous, with songs like "The Music of the Night," "All I Ask of You," and "The Phantom of the Opera." The musical's signature song, "The Music of the Night," is a powerful, emotional piece that encapsulates the Phantom's longing for love and acceptance.

    "The Phantom of the Opera" is one of the most successful musicals in history. It has been performed in over 35 countries in 166 cities around the world. It won the 1986 Olivier Award and the 1988 Tony Award for Best Musical, and Michael Crawford (in the title role) won the Olivier and Tony Awards for Best Actor in a Musical.

    It is notable for its grand, operatic design, including the famous chandelier crash, and its large-scale sets and costumes, making it one of the most technologically complex shows of its time.

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  • Mamma Mia!
    Original London Production (1999)
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    About Mamma Mia!

    The musical "Mamma Mia!" is a joyful and infectious production that has become a beloved favorite among audiences worldwide. Created by playwright Catherine Johnson, with music and lyrics by the iconic Swedish pop group ABBA, "Mamma Mia!" first premiered in London's West End in 1999 and has since taken the stage in countless productions globally.

    Set on a picturesque Greek island, the story revolves around Sophie, a young bride-to-be who is determined to uncover the identity of her father before her wedding. With the help of her mother's old diary, she invites three men from her mother's past to the festivities, setting off a chain of comedic and heartwarming events.

    The magic of "Mamma Mia!" lies in its unforgettable music, featuring ABBA's biggest hits like "Dancing Queen," "Super Trouper," "Take a Chance on Me," and of course, the infectious title track "Mamma Mia!" The catchy tunes and energetic dance numbers create a vibrant and feel-good atmosphere that has audiences singing and dancing along.

    The show's colorful costumes, lively choreography, and scenic design transport the audience to a sun-soaked paradise, immersing them in the carefree spirit of the Mediterranean. With its heartwarming story of love, friendship, and self-discovery, "Mamma Mia!" continues to captivate audiences of all ages, reminding them of the enduring power of ABBA's music and the joy of celebrating life.

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Latest Production Updates

  • On the Twentieth Century
    LA Reprise! Production (2003)
  • On the 20th Century
    Touring Revival (1986)
  • On the Twentieth Century
    London Production (1980)
  • On the Twentieth Century
    National Tour (1979)
  • On the Twentieth Century
    Original Broadway Production (1978)
  • Annie Get Your Gun
    Pittsburgh CLO Production (2008)
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    About Annie Get Your Gun

    "Annie Get Your Gun" is a musical with music and lyrics by Irving Berlin and a book by Herbert and Dorothy Fields. The musical is loosely based on the real-life story of Annie Oakley, a sharpshooter and star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

    The original Broadway production of "Annie Get Your Gun" opened on May 16, 1946, at the Imperial Theatre in New York City. It was directed by Joshua Logan and choreographed by Helen Tamiris. The production starred Ethel Merman as Annie Oakley and Ray Middleton as Frank Butler.

    The musical follows the story of Annie Oakley, a talented and spirited sharpshooter from a humble background who joins Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Annie falls in love with Frank Butler, the show's leading marksman, but their competitive natures create romantic and professional challenges. As they face off in a series of shooting competitions, they must navigate their feelings and aspirations.

    "Annie Get Your Gun" features a memorable score with songs such as "There's No Business Like Show Business," "Doin' What Comes Natur'lly," "Anything You Can Do," and "You Can't Get a Man with a Gun." These songs have become iconic and are often associated with the musical.

    The original Broadway production of "Annie Get Your Gun" was a great success, running for over 1,100 performances. Ethel Merman's performance as Annie Oakley was widely praised, and the musical received several Tony Award nominations, including Best Musical. The show's enduring popularity led to numerous revivals and adaptations over the years.

    "Annie Get Your Gun" has been revived on Broadway multiple times, with notable productions including the 1966 revival starring Ethel Merman, the 1999 revival starring Bernadette Peters, and the 2006 revival starring Reba McEntire. The musical has also been adapted into a film in 1950, starring Betty Hutton as Annie Oakley.

    The enduring appeal of "Annie Get Your Gun" lies in its engaging story, memorable songs, and the timeless themes of love, ambition, and the power of self-belief. It continues to be a popular choice for productions in regional theaters, schools, and community theaters, delighting audiences with its energetic performances and iconic music.

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  • Wild Thyme
    Original London Production (1955)
  • Sunday in the Park With George
    London Production (1990)
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    About Sunday in the Park With George

    "Sunday in the Park with George" is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and a book by James Lapine. The show is inspired by the painting "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte" by Georges Seurat and explores the life and work of the artist.

    The musical premiered on Broadway in 1984 and starred Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters. The show features a number of memorable songs, including "Finishing the Hat," "Move On," and "Sunday."

    "Sunday in the Park with George" is widely regarded as one of the great works of American musical theater and has been praised for its innovative structure, complex characters, and rich exploration of themes like art, love, and legacy. The show was a critical success and won a number of Tony Awards, including Best Score and Best Book.

    In addition to its critical acclaim, "Sunday in the Park with George" has also been noted for its influence on other works of musical theater. Its innovative use of video imagery and its exploration of the creative process have helped to inspire a new generation of artists and have solidified its place as a classic of the genre.

    Today, "Sunday in the Park with George" continues to be performed around the world and is remembered as a groundbreaking work of art that helped to redefine the possibilities of musical theater.

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  • 'Erb
    Original London Production (1970)
  • Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
    Broadway Revival (2023)
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    About Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

    "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" is a dark and thrilling musical by Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler. It premiered on Broadway in 1979 and has since become a staple of the musical theater canon. The show tells the chilling tale of Sweeney Todd, a barber seeking revenge on those who have wronged him, aided by the cunning Mrs. Lovett, who turns his victims into meat pies. Set in 19th-century London, the musical explores themes of obsession, justice, and the consequences of vengeance.

    Sondheim's music in "Sweeney Todd" is hauntingly beautiful, with intricate melodies and complex lyrics that convey the characters' turmoil and inner conflicts. The score features memorable songs such as "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd," "Not While I'm Around," and the menacing "Epiphany."

    The show's dark and macabre tone is heightened by its gothic-inspired set design, evoking the gritty atmosphere of Victorian London. "Sweeney Todd" is known for its dramatic storytelling, complex characters, and its ability to simultaneously shock and captivate audiences.

    The musical has been acclaimed for its unique blend of horror and humor, as well as its exploration of the human capacity for revenge and the blurred lines between justice and madness. "Sweeney Todd" has been revived numerous times, both on Broadway and in the West End, and was adapted into a successful film in 2007, further cementing its place as a theatrical masterpiece.

    With its atmospheric score, gripping story, and unforgettable characters, "Sweeney Todd" continues to be celebrated as a thrilling and darkly compelling musical that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

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  • Die Dreigroschenoper
    Original Berlin Production (1928)
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    About Die Dreigroschenoper

    The musical "The Threepenny Opera" (originally titled "Die Dreigroschenoper" in German) is a groundbreaking work created by composer Kurt Weill and playwright Bertolt Brecht. It premiered in Berlin in 1928 and has since become one of the most influential and enduring works of musical theater.

    "The Threepenny Opera" is a satirical and gritty portrayal of the criminal underworld and societal corruption in 19th-century London. The story centers around the charismatic anti-hero Macheath, known as Mack the Knife, a notorious criminal and womanizer. As he navigates the treacherous world of thieves, beggars, and prostitutes, Mack the Knife becomes entangled in a web of treachery, deceit, and desire.

    The musical's score is a fusion of various musical styles, including jazz, cabaret, and opera. It features iconic songs such as "Mack the Knife" and "Pirate Jenny," which have become standards in the musical theater repertoire.

    "The Threepenny Opera" challenges traditional notions of morality and highlights the disparities and injustices of society. Brecht's innovative "alienation effect" encourages the audience to engage critically with the characters and themes, aiming to provoke social and political commentary.

    The musical's enduring appeal lies in its bold and subversive nature, combining sharp social commentary with catchy melodies. It has been performed in numerous adaptations and translations worldwide, cementing its status as a masterpiece of musical theater that continues to captivate audiences with its dark humor, biting satire, and unforgettable music.

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  • Chess
    Benefit Concert (1992)
  • Aspects of Love
    National Tour (1992)
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    About Aspects of Love

    "Aspects of Love" is based on the novel by David Garnett and explores themes of love, passion, and complicated relationships. Set in France and Italy over a period of 17 years, the story follows the romantic entanglements of a group of interconnected characters. Central to the narrative is the complex love triangle involving actress Rose Vibert, her lover Alex Dillingham, and his young cousin Jenny. The musical delves into the various aspects of love, from infatuation and obsession to the enduring power of connection.

    The score of "Aspects of Love" features a range of musical styles, including romantic ballads, melodic duets, and ensemble numbers. Memorable songs from the show include "Love Changes Everything," "Seeing Is Believing," and "The First Man You Remember."

    "Aspects of Love" premiered in London's West End in 1989 and later had a Broadway production in 1990. While it received mixed critical reviews, the musical has developed a devoted fan base and continues to be performed in theaters around the world.

    With its lush music and exploration of the complexities of human relationships, "Aspects of Love" offers a compelling and emotional theatrical experience for audiences, showcasing Andrew Lloyd Webber's signature blend of memorable melodies and theatrical storytelling.

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  • She Loves Me
    Regional Revival (1964)
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    About She Loves Me

    "She Loves Me" is a musical with a book by Joe Masteroff, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, and music by Jerry Bock. It is based on the 1937 Hungarian play "Parfumerie" by Miklós László, which has also been adapted into several other films, including "The Shop Around the Corner" (1940) and "You've Got Mail" (1998).

    The musical "She Loves Me" premiered on Broadway in 1963. The original production was directed by Harold Prince and choreographed by Carol Haney. It starred Barbara Cook as Amalia Balash and Daniel Massey as Georg Nowack. The musical tells the story of two feuding employees at a perfume shop in 1930s Budapest who unknowingly fall in love with each other through anonymous letters.

    "She Loves Me" received positive reviews from critics and was appreciated for its charming and romantic story, as well as its memorable score. Songs such as "Vanilla Ice Cream," "Tonight at Eight," and "She Loves Me" became popular and have been covered by numerous artists over the years.

    The musical had a successful Broadway run, running for 301 performances and receiving several Tony Award nominations, including Best Musical, Best Leading Actress (Barbara Cook), and Best Featured Actor (Jack Cassidy). Although it did not win any awards during its original Broadway run, "She Loves Me" has gained a loyal following and is considered a beloved gem of the musical theater repertoire.

    Over the years, "She Loves Me" has had numerous revivals and international productions. Notable revivals include the 1993 Broadway production starring Boyd Gaines and Judy Kuhn, the 2016 Broadway revival starring Laura Benanti and Zachary Levi, and the 2018 West End production starring Scarlett Strallen and Mark Umbers.

    "She Loves Me" is often praised for its witty and heartfelt storytelling, charming characters, and melodic score. Its enduring popularity and timeless themes of love, mistaken identity, and the transformative power of human connection have made it a beloved and frequently performed musical in theaters around the world.

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  • The Boys From Syracuse
    Original Broadway Production (1938)

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