Buttrio Square

Original Broadway Production (1952)

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Cast Highlights

Pappa Mario
Captain Steve Dickson
Marisa D'Alessandro
Corporal Gower
Terry Patterson
Joan Wellington

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Opening .... Michelino, Padre, Baron D'Allesandro, Rocco, Village Dancers and Singers
  • Every Day Is a Holiday .... Steve and the Villagers
  • Let's Make It Forever .... Steve and Marisa
  • I'll Tell the World .... Marisa
  • No Place Like This Country .... Steve and the GIs
  • Get Me Out .... Terry
  • I'm Gonna Be a Pop .... Mario and the Villagers
  • One Is a Lonely Number .... Steve and the Village Dancers
  • One Is a Lonely Number (Reprise) .... Marisa
  • Tarantula .... The Villagers

Act Two

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  • Take It Away .... GIs and the Village Girls
  • Get Me Out (Reprise) .... Terry and the GIs
  • Love Swept Like a Storm .... Vittorio, Village Singers and Dancers
  • Fraternization Ballet .... Gower, Padre and the Villagers
  • I Keep Telling Myself .... Terry
  • More and More .... Steve and Marisa
  • You're Mine, All Mine .... Terry and Cassio
  • Finale .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

Pre-Broadway tryout engagements in Boston and Philadelphia were canceled.

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