Carnival in Flanders

Original Broadway Production (1953)

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Cast Highlights

Jan Breughel
The Duke

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Ring the Bell .... Mayor, Butcher, Barber, Tailor, Innkeeper, Jan, Siska & Ensemble
  • The Very Necessary You .... Jan & Siska
  • It's a Fine Old Institution .... Cornelia
  • I'm One of Your Admirers .... Cornelia
  • The Plundering of the Town .... Cornelia, Courier, 2nd Officer, Emy St. Just, Aristides, Julie Marlowe & Ensemble
  • The Stronger Sex .... Cornelia
  • The Sudden Thrill .... The Duke
  • It's an Old Spanish Custom .... Cornelia & The Duke
  • A Seventeen Gun Salute .... Cornelia, The Duke, Courier, 1st Officer, 2nd Officer & Ensemble

Act Two

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  • You're Dead! .... Mayor, Butcher, Barber, Innkeeper & Tailor
  • Rainy Day .... Cornelia
  • Take the Word of a Gentleman .... The Duke
  • The Carnival Ballet .... The Virgin, The Bats, The Monk, The Goat, The Youngest One, The Plumed Swains, The Seven Virgins & The Spanish Trio
  • A Moment of Your Love .... Cornelia & The Duke
  • How Far Can a Lady Go? .... Cornelia

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

Variety reported after the Broadway run closed that one performance was canceled due to Dolores Gray having been ill. This explained why the show played six performances rather than the seven that would have been expected with a Tuesday opening on a Monday through Saturday schedule.

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