Carnival in Flanders


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Genre: Musical Comedy


Based on the film La kermesse héroïque by Jacques Feyder (screenplay by Charles Spaak, Jacques Feyder and Bernard Zimmer)


It is 1616 in the town of Flacksenburg in Flanders (a region of modern-day Belgium).When the Spanish army marches into Flacksenburg, the mayor of the town decides to play dead in hopes that the army will leave. Plans become complicated when the head of the army, the Duke, becomes infatuated with the mayor's wife, Cornelia. The mayor is forced to continue to play dead and watch as the Duke pursues his wife.

Trivia & History

Originally, Harold Arlen was approached to write the score. But, in the end Johnny Burke and James Van Heusen
were hired. They had written many hit songs, but their last Broadway show, Nellie Bly (1946), flopped.

Other Titles

  • La Kermesse Heroique (source material)

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