Paint Your Wagon

Original Broadway Production (1951)

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Dances and Musical Ensembles

Cast Highlights

Jennifer Rumson
Ben Rumson
Steve Bullnack
Pete Billings
Jake Whippany
Julio Valveras
Elizabeth Woodling
Yvonne Sorel
Suzanne Duval

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • I'm on My Way .... Sung by Steve, Jake, Mooney, Zen, Yuy, Sandy, Crocker, Sloane and the Miners
  • Rumson .... Sung by Jake
  • What's Goin' On Here? .... Sung by Jennifer
  • I Talk to the Trees .... Sung and danced by Julio and Jennifer
  • They Call the Wind Maria .... Sung by Steve and Miners; Danced by Pete and Miners
  • I Still See Elisa .... Sung by Ben Rumson
  • How Can I Wait? .... Sung by Jennifer
  • Trio .... Sung by Elizabeth, Sarah and Jacob Woodling
  • Rumson .... Sung by Jake
  • In Between .... Sung and danced by Ben
  • Whoop-Ti-Ay! .... Sung and danced by Ben, Elizabeth and Miners
  • How Can I Wait? (Reprise) .... Sung by Jennifer and Julio
  • Carino Mio .... Sung by Julio and Jennifer
  • There's a Coach Comin' In .... Sung by the Miners
  • Finaletto .... Danced by the Fandangos and Miners

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
  • Hand Me Down That Can O' Beans .... Sung by Jake and Miners
  • Rope Dance .... Fandangos and Pete and Yvonne
  • Can-can .... Danced by Suzanne and Rocky and Fandangos and Miners
  • Another Autumn .... Sung by Julio; Danced by Yvonne and Pete
  • Movin' .... Sung by the Miners
  • I'm on My Way (Reprise) .... Sung by the Miners
  • All for Him .... Sung by Jennifer
  • Wand'rin' Star .... Sung by Ben
  • I Talk to the Trees (Reprise) .... Sung by Jennifer
  • Strike! .... Sung by Steve, Jasper and Jake
  • Wand'rin' Star (Reprise) .... Sung by Jake, Steve, Sandy and the Miners
  • Finale

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

By mid-February 1952, it was reported in the press that Olga San Juan was lonesome for her children in California and that she was seeking to be released from her run-of-the-play contract. She would leave the production in late March. Her understudy, Nola Fairbanks, replaced her.

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