Daffy Dill

Original Broadway Production (1922)

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Cast Highlights

Lucy Brown
Frank Tinney
Dan Brown, Lucy's father
Kenneth Hobson
Harry Jones
School Inspector
Lucy's Grandma in 1867

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Let's Play Hookey .... Estelle, Girls
  • Kindergarden Blues .... Estelle, Girls
  • Prince Charming .... Lucy
  • Fantasy: Cinderella Meets the Prince .... Lucy and Keene Twins
  • Two Little Ruby Rings .... Lucy, Kenneth and Dan
  • My Boy Friend .... Estelle and Chorus, danced by Grant and Wing
  • I'm Fresh from the Country .... Gertie and Chorus
  • I'll Build a Bungalow .... Frank, Gertie, Kenneth and Lucy
  • A Coachman's Heart .... Frank and Gertie
  • Adagio .... Danced by Mary Haun and Galdino Sedano
  • Fair Enough .... Kenneth, Harry, Dan, Keene Twins and Chorus

Act Two

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  • My Little Redskin .... Keene Twins, Frances Grant and Girls
  • Chinky Chink .... Estelle, Mary Haun, Keene Twins, Bernice Ackerman, Grace Culbert and Yvette DuBoise
  • Doctor .... Gertie and Chorus
  • Fantasy: At the stroke of twelve, Cinderella runs away .... Lucy, Keene Twins and Violet Lobel
  • Pianologue .... Frank and Jacqueline Hunter, Imogene Wilson, Fern Oakley, Bernice Ackerman and Peggy Stohl
  • Pantomime: Pirate's Gold .... Grant and Wing with Frederick Renoff
  • Captain Kidd's Kids .... Dan, Estelle, Keene Twins and Chorus
  • Finale

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Trivia & History

Several sources list the role of Harry Jones as having been played by Rollin Grimes on opening night, but the opening-night review in the New York Times and The Best Plays of 1922-1923 list Jay Hanna as having played the role on opening night. Those sources seem to us more likely to be correct so we list Hanna as part of the original cast, with Grimes as the replacement.

Also, some sources list the title of the first song in Act Two as "My Lucky Redskin," but the sources that seem to us more reliable (including The Complete Lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein II) list it as "My Little Redskin."

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