Daffy Dill

A Musigirl Comedy

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An updated Cinderella-type romance about Lucy Brown, who is poor and old-fashioned, and Kenneth Hobson, who is determined to free himself from the bondage of his millions. The story starts when they're both in kindergarten. But the main character (or characters) was played by popular vaudevillian Frank Tinney (who was listed in the program as playing himself). In each scene, Tinney appeared as a different character, most or all of which were characters he was already known for playing. These characters included a Chinese magician, a black porter, a pirate, and a coachman riding a horse. (Sources for this synopsis: The Rodgers and Hammerstein Fact Book, edited by Stanley Green; American Musical Theatre: A Chronicle, by Gerald Martin Boardman; and the unsigned opening-night review in the New York Times.)

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