Apollo Theatre

New York, NY

223 W. 42nd St.
New York, NY
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Venue Info

BUILT: 1910


Other Names

  • Bryant Theatre (1910)
  • New Apollo Theatre (1978)
  • Academy Theatre (1983)

Trivia & History

Built for vaudeville and films but refurbished in 1920 for live theatre. It reverted to movies in 1933. From 1934–1937, it was a burlesque house. In 1938, movies returned until 1978 when major renovations were carried out and the theatre was used for live performances again. The entrance was moved to the 43rd Street. In 1983, it returned to showing films.

Some fittings and plaster pieces were salvaged to use in the Foxwoods Theatre, which was built on the site.


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