Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Life

Original Broadway Production (2005)

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Choreography (reproduction - Robbins)
Choreography (reproduction - Fosse)

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Perfidia
  • Secret o' Life .... Chita Rivera
  • Dancing on the Kitchen Table .... Chita Rivera, Richard Montoya, Edgard Gallardo, Allyson Tucker, Lainie Sakakura, Malinda Farrington and Richard Amaro
  • Something to Dance About .... Chita Rivera and Richard Montoya
  • I'm Available .... Chita Rivera
  • Camille, Colette, Fifi .... Chita Rivera, Allyson Tucker and Deidre Goodwin
  • Garbage .... Chita Rivera
  • Can-Can .... Chita Rivera, Allyson Tucker, Malinda Farrington, Lainie Sakakura and Deidre Goodwin
  • Mr. Wonderful .... Chita Rivera
  • A Boy Like That .... Chita Rivera
  • Dance at the Gym (Mambo) .... Chita Rivera and Ensemble
  • Somewhere .... Chita Rivera and Ensemble
  • Put on a Happy Face .... Chita Rivera and Lloyd Culbreath
  • Rosie .... Chita Rivera and Lloyd Culbreath
  • Don't 'Ah Ma' Me .... Chita Rivera
  • Big Spender .... Chita Rivera and Deidre Goodwin
  • Nowadays .... Chita Rivera

Act Two

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  • Adios Nonino, Detresse, Calambre (Tangos) .... Chita Rivera, Richard Amaro and Liana Ortiz
  • More Than You Know .... Chita Rivera and Ensemble
  • A Woman the World Has Never Seen .... Chita Rivera
  • Class .... Chita Rivera
  • Chief Cook & Bottlewasher .... Chita Rivera
  • Kiss of the Spider Woman .... Chita Rivera
  • Where You Are .... Chita Rivera and Ensemble Men
  • All That Jazz .... Chita Rivera, Liana Ortiz and Ensemble

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