Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

New York, NY

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The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, located in New York City, is a renowned Broadway theater named in honor of Gerald Schoenfeld, the influential chairman of the Shubert Organization. It is situated at 236 West 45th Street, in the heart of the Theater District. The theater originally opened in 1918 as the Plymouth Theatre and has since undergone several name changes before being renamed the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in 2005. It has a seating capacity of approximately 1,080 and features a traditional proscenium stage. The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre has been a host to numerous successful and acclaimed productions over the years. It has been home to a wide range of plays, musicals, and other theatrical performances. Notable productions at the theater include "A Chorus Line," "The Lion King," "The Book of Mormon," "Hello, Dolly!," and "Come From Away," among many others. The theater's elegant design and comfortable seating make it a popular choice for both audiences and theater companies. It continues to be a vibrant and important venue in the Broadway landscape, showcasing some of the most celebrated productions in the world of theater.}


Venue Info

Built: 1917
Venue Status: year not entered yet
Demolished: year not entered yet
Seating Capacity: 1093

Location Info

236 West 45th St.
New York, NY
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Other Names

  • Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre (May 9, 2005)
  • Plymouth Theatre (October 10, 1917)

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