The Wonder Bar

Broadway Production (1931)

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Dance Arrangers (Choreographers)

Cast Highlights

Monsieur all (Proprietor of The Wonder Bar)
Inez (Professional Dancer)
Ramon Colmano
Lord Cauldwell
Liane Duval (Guest)
Elektra Pivonka (Entertainer)
Charlie (Her Husband)
Signorina Medea Colambara
Entertainer (Dancer)
Specialty Dancers

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Good Evening, Friends .... Al Jolson
  • Song .... Al Jolson
  • Specialty .... Inez
  • Specialty .... Audrey Depew Four
  • Valse Amoureuse .... Inez and Ramon
    • (Dance arranged by John Pierce)
  • The Dance We Do for Al .... Doris Groday and Albertina Rasch Dancers
    • (Dance arranged by Albertina Rasch)
  • I'm Falling in Love .... Ramon and Al Jolson
  • Donna Clara .... Al Jolson

Act Two

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  • Specialty .... Elektra Pivonka
  • The Dying Flamingo .... Charlie [and Elektra]
  • Estrellita .... Signorina Colombara
  • Reprise (Valse Amoureuse) .... Liane and Ramon
    • (Dance arranged by John Pierce)
  • Elizabeth .... Elektra and Company
    • (Dance arranged by Albertina Rasch)
  • Folk Song .... Al Jolson
  • Specialty .... Carol Chilton and Maceo Thomas
  • Reprise ....

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Trivia & History

The production closed abruptly, playing its last performance on a Friday night. Star Al Jolson had been suffering from laryngitis. A total of at least nine performances were canceled before the final performance. Some were canceled in advance, while some were canceled as little as two hours before the scheduled performance time. At least one other performance was stopped midway through.

A closing date of June 13 had been set, but Jolson said he could not perform on Saturday evening, May 30. The matinee that day had been canceled in advance. At that point, the show was no longer playing matinees but was scheduled to play six performances a week, all evenings. On Monday, June 1, it was decided that no more performances would be played, although Jolson said he was still planning to tour in the show in the fall, which he did do.

Different sources list different numbers of performances, usually between 76 and 87. We estimate that the show played 75 performances at most, including the performance that was stopped midway through. If that performance is not counted, it would be 74, but this is presuming that there were not additional performances canceled that were not reported on in the press.

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