Jazzbo Brown

Original Off-Broadway Production (1980)

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Billy "Jazzbo" Brown
Maxine McCall
D.D. Daniels
Rachael Brown
Rev. Raymond W. Brown

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  • Jazzbo Brown
  • Broadway, Broadway
  • I'm Bettin' on You
  • Million Songs
  • Born to Sing
  • He Had the Callin'
  • Bump, Bump, Bump
  • Same Old Tune, The
  • When You've Loved Your Man
  • Best Man, The
  • Give Me More
  • When I Die
  • Dancin' Shoes
  • Precious Patterns
  • Funky Bessie
  • Harlem Follies
  • First Time I Saw You
  • Pride and Freedom
  • Take a Bow

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