Crazy With the Heat

Broadway Return Engagement (1941)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • That Intimate Touch (Sketch) .... Luella Gear
  • No Smoking (Sketch) .... Company
  • (With a) Twist of the Wrist .... Ted Gary, Gracie Barrie, Bobby Busch, Don Cumming & Dancing Ensemble
  • Lonely Hearts (Sketch) .... Willie Howard, Harold Gary, Matthew Smith, David Rollins, & Jane Hoffman
  • Specialty (iii) .... Betty Kean
  • Interpretation in C Minor .... Victor Borge & Frances Williams
  • Yes, My Darling Daughter .... Gracie Barrie
  • Specialty (iv) .... Tip, Tap and Toe
  • Some Day .... Carlos Ramirez
  • Morning Mist (Sketch) .... Luella Gear, Willie Howard & Corps de Ballet
  • Specialty (v) .... Ward and Lane
  • A Voice of Experience (Sketch) .... Willie Howard, Bobby Busch, Wilma Horner, Al Kelly, Jane Hoffman, & Harold Gary
  • Crazy With the Heat .... Gracie Barrie, Diosa Costello & Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Les Rendezvous des Artists .... Mary Raye and Naldi, Matthew Smith, Vivian Allen & Dancing Ensemble
  • Specialty (vi) .... Carlos Ramirez
  • Size 9? (Sketch) .... Luella Gear, Stapleton Kent, Matthew Smith, Frances O'Day & Don Cumming
  • Time of Your Life .... Gracie Barrie & Betty Kean
  • Call For Herbert Tilson (Sketch) .... Willie Howard, Jane Hoffman, Harold Gary, Bobby Busch, & Vivian Allen
  • Specialty (ii) .... Don Cumming
  • Sascha's Got a Girl .... Ensemble
  • Announcement to the Audience (Sketch) .... Luella Gear
  • Music Hath Charms (Sketch) .... Wilma Horner, Matthew Smith, Willie Howard & Harold Gary
  • Specialty (i) .... Ted Gary
  • (You Should Be) Set to Music .... Gracie Barrie, Carlos Ramirez, Jean Stanton, Helen Hudson, Helenita Riordan, Marion Bailey, Frances O'Day, Evelyn Bonefine, Irene Reilly & Eleanor Dawn
  • Specialty (vii) .... Mary Raye and Naldi
  • (You Should Be) Set to Music (finale) .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

The sketch "Mental Giant" had been eliminated for the return engagement (after "Grauman's Chinese Theatre", see below). It was reinstated during the run. Also added during the run were the sketches "Lamb Chops" (after "Some Day") and "Grauman's Chinese Theatre" (after "Call for Herbert Tilson").

There were several numbers dropped during the run: "Interpretation in C Minor", Tip, Tap and Toe's specialty, Ward and Lane's specialty, Carlos Ramirez's specialty, "Size 9?" and Don Cumming's specialty.

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