Catch Me If You Can

World Premiere (2009)

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Cast Highlights

Frank Abagnale, Jr.
Frank Abagnale, Sr.
Paula Abagnale
Cheryl Ann
Brenda Strong
Carol Strong
Roger Strong
Agent Bill Cod
Agent Todd Branton

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Life in Living Color .... Frank, Jr. and Company
  • Fifty Checks .... Frank, Sr.
  • Someone Else's Skin .... Frank, Jr. and Ensemble
  • Here I Am (To Save the Day) .... Hanratty
  • The Jet Set .... Frank, Jr., Pilots and Stewardesses
  • Breaking All Rules .... Hanratty, Cod, Dollar, Branton and Men
  • You Gotta Pay for Love .... Cheryl Ann
  • The Man Inside the Clues .... Hanratty
  • Butter Outta Cream .... Frank, Jr. and Sr.
  • My Favorite Time of Year .... Hanratty, Frank, Jr., Frank, Sr., and Paula

Act Two

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  • Doctor's Orders .... Frank, Jr. and Nurses
  • Don't Be a Stranger .... Paula and Frank, Sr.
  • Little Boy, Be a Man .... Hanratty and Frank, Sr.
  • Seven Wonders .... Frank, Jr. and Brenda
  • Bury Me Beside the One I Love .... Roger, Carol, Brenda, Frank Jr., and Company
  • Fly, Fly Away .... Brenda
  • Goodbye .... Frank, Jr.
  • Strange But True .... Hanratty, Frank, Jr. and Company

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Trivia & History

  • Originally slated to open on July 25, the first two performances were cancelled after the brutal murder of Norbert Leo Butz's sister.

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