The Art of Maryland

Original Broadway Production (1896)

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Cast Highlights

Hawlin Hayrick
Major Tom Coon
Sergeant Grunt
Mrs. McFadden
Colonel Warp
Un-Alloyed Calvert
Lieutenant Sultzer
Lieutenant Depew

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • Opening Chorus & Song .... Coon
  • Maryland .... Chorus
  • Thespian Art
  • I Love You, Dear (Tommy)
  • My Young Man
  • A Bunch of Bewhiskered Populists
  • I'm the Heavy-Bearded Villain .... Warp
  • Kids in Hogan's Alley .... Chorus
  • Ignatius McFadden's Debut
  • Finale
  • Bring in the Prisoner
  • He is Saved!
  • Finale

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Trivia & History

Preceeded by an olio (which included producers Joseph Weber and Lew M. Fields in their Poolroom sketch.

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