The Medium

Broadway Revival (1950)

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Madame Flora, Baba
Toby, a mute
Mr. Gobineau
Mrs. Gobineau
Mrs. Nolan

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  • Where, oh where
  • Behold the King of Babylon
  • Where Have You Been All Night?
  • We Had a House in France
  • Mother, Mother
  • Are You There?
  • Doodly, Doodly
  • Are You Happy?
  • Mummy, Mummy Dear
  • You Must Not Cry For Me
  • But Why Be Afraid?
  • I Know Now!
  • Up in the Sky
  • Monica, Monica
  • Toby
  • Good Evening, Madame Flora
  • Could That Be?
  • Please, Let Us Have Our Seance, Madame Flora
  • You Cannot Send Him Away
  • Am I Afraid?
  • Oh, Black Swan

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