Roly Poly

Original Broadway Production (1912)

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Cast Highlights

Reuben Hayes, a stranded disciple of Cook
Molly Maguire of the souvenir booth
Percy Fitzsimmons, Hiram's college-bred son
Hiram Fitzsimmons, promoter and mercantile soldier of misfortune, familiarly known as "Doc"
Bijou Fitzsimmons with an eye on Schmaltz and Grand Opera
Michael Schmaltz, seeking health in the waters at Raatenbad
Meyer Talzmann, his friend and general adviser
La Frolique, a cosmopolitan queen of vaudeville
Cerita, a dancer
Katrina, a bier stube divinity

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • At Gay Raatenbad .... Entire Chorus
  • Dear Old Heidelberg .... Percy, Chorus
  • I'm a Lonesome Romeo .... Hiram, Chorus
  • The Prima Donnas .... Bijou
  • Way Down in (Cuba) .... La Frolique, Chorus
  • Die Neue Art von Munich (Dance of the New Art) .... Cerita, Ballet
  • In My Birch Canoe (With Emmy Lou) .... La Frolique, Percy
  • Steinland .... Katrina, Chorus
  • I Cannot Drink the Old Drinks .... HIram
  • Nobody Knows What We Girls Go Through .... La Frolique
  • The Zingaras .... Bijou, Hiram, Chorus

Act Two

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  • When I'm Waltzing .... Katrina, Chorus
  • Incidental Dance .... The Dancers from St. Petersburg
  • (When It's) Apple Blossom Time in Normandy .... La Frolique, Percy
  • The Stair Dance .... Cerita, Ballet
  • The Regimental Roly Poly Girl .... Cerita, Ballet
  • Brooklyn (He Believes I'm in Brooklyn Tonight) .... La Frolique
  • The Pinkerton Detective (Moon) .... Percy, Katrina
  • The Burglars' Ball .... La Frolique, Chorus
  • Finale .... Entire Chorus

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