Twinkle Twinkle

Original Broadway Production (1926)

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Staging of Musical Numbers and Dances

Cast Highlights

Jack Wyndham
Florence Devereaux
Sam Gibson
Alice James
Richard Grey
P. T. (Peachy) Robinson
Bessie Smith
Jane Robinson

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • You Know I Know .... Alice and Jack
  • Get a Load of This .... Florence, Jack, Sextette and Chorus
  • We're on the Map .... Ensemble
  • Reuben .... Peachy, Bessie, Jane, Sextette and Chorus
  • Twinkle Twinkle .... Alice and Richard
  • Hustle, Bustle .... Ensemble
  • Sweeter Than You .... Alice, Richard and Chorus
  • Crime .... Peachy

Act Two

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  • Sunday Afternoon .... Jane, Harry, Sextette and Chorus
  • Whistle .... Alice, Boys and Girls
  • I Hate to Talk About Myself .... Jack, Jane, Sextette and Girls
  • When We're Bride and Groom .... Peachy, Bessie, Girls and Boys

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Trivia & History

The Best Plays of 1926-1927 lists a run of 167 performances, but The Billboard listed a run of 171 performances in its end-of-season roundup. If the production played no extra performances during the run beyond the standard eight-a-week, then 167 would be correct. But ads at the time suggested, though a bit inconclusively, that several extra holiday matinees were played so we're following The Billboard and listing 171 performances.

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