The Merry Malones

Original Broadway Production (1927)

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Mrs. Van Buren
Joe Thompson
Molly Malone
Captains of Police
Delia Malone
Helen Malone

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Musical Numbers

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  • Talk About a Busy Little Household .... Ensemble
  • (Like a) Wandering Minstrel .... Annabelle, Carlylse and Violin Girls
  • Flirtation Waltz .... Andre and Rudac
  • The Plot .... Mrs. Van Buren, Gloria Westcott, Mr. Westcott, Martin and Ensemble
  • Dance .... Annabelle and Martin
  • (Like a) Wandering Minstrel .... Joe Thompson
  • Son of a Billionaire .... Captains of Police and Ensemble
  • Molly Malone .... Delia Malone, Helen Malone and John Malone
  • Honor of the Family, The .... Molly Malone, Delia Malone and Charlie Malone
  • Feeling in Your Heart (You'll See a Great Big Beautiful Smile), A .... Molly Malone and John Malone
  • Bronx Express, The .... Molly Malone, Joe Thompson, Ensemble and Diplomats Quartette
  • Trio Dance .... Feon Van Marr, Kennedy and Martin
  • Night of Masquerade, A .... Ensemble
  • Behind the Mask .... Mrs. Van Buren
  • We've Had a Grand Old Time .... Mr. Westcott
  • Dance (Eccentric) .... Gloria Westcott
  • Dance (Adagio) .... Adler and Bradford
  • Charming .... Molly Malone and Male Ensemble
  • We've Got Him .... Company
  • Busy Little Center, A
  • Characteristic Dance .... Burnoff and Josephine
  • Our Own Way of Going Along (If You Like Coffee and I Like Tea) .... Delia Malone, P. Ball, Tony Howard and Charles Malone
  • Easter Parade .... Molly Malone and Ensemble
  • Danse Comique ((a)) .... Captains of Police
  • Danse Comique ((b)) .... Feon van Marr
  • Opera-Bouffe Cohanesque .... Mrs. Van Buren, Gloria Westcott, Mr. Westcott, Martin, Kennedy, Carlylse and Ensemble
  • Roses Understand .... Annabelle, Carlylse and Ensemble
  • Dance Cyclonic .... Cleo Pergain
  • God's Good to the Irish .... John Malone
  • Blue Skies, Gray Skies .... Delia Malone
  • Like a Little Ladylike Lady Like You .... Joe Thompson
  • Reprise

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These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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