Nymph Errant

Shaw Festival Revival (1990)

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Cast Highlights

The Rev. Malcolm Pither / French Man / Graf Von Anhaldt-Serbat
Brother Karamazoff / Ben Winthrop
Aunt Ermyntrude / Mme. Arthur / Mrs. Bamberg
Miss Pratt / Mrs. Cohen
Andre de Croissant / Manfredo the Major-Domo / Tourist / Concubine
Alexei Stukin / Signor Castelnuova / Concubine
Henrietta Bamberg / Tourist / Feliza / Folies Girl
Pedro Bernanos / Prince Ivan / Kassim
Waiter / Mr. Huntington / Ali

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture
  • When Love Comes Your Way
  • Experiment
  • It's Bad for Me
  • Neauville-Sur-Mer
  • The Cocotte
  • You're Too Far Away
  • How Could We Be Wrong?
  • They're Always Entertaining
  • Georgia Sand
  • Casanova
  • Nymph Errant

Act Two

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  • Ruins, Ruins, Ruins
  • The Physician
  • Solomon
  • Back to Nature
  • Plumbing
  • Si Vous Aimez Les Poitrines
  • Experiment (Reprise)

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Trivia & History

There were significant changes to this return run of the 1989 Shaw Festival production. Several songs cut from the original production of Nymph Errant were added this time around, and judging from the program, there were probably some changes to the book in addition to those needed to include the extra songs. In addition, there were cast changes.

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