The Passing Show of 1912

National Tour (1912)

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Act One

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  • We've Been to Europe .... Entire Chorus
  • There You Have (Old) New York Town .... Shirley Kellogg, Show Girls
  • Rag Time Jockey Man, The .... Willie Howard, Chorus
  • Handy Andy .... Clarence Harvey, Dancers
  • Pirates and Quaker Girl .... Anna Wheaton, Male Chorus
  • Wedding Glide, The .... Shirley Kellogg, Oscar Schwartz, Chorus
  • Foolishness .... Trixie Friganza
  • When Was There Ever a Night Like This .... Ernest Hare
  • All the World is Madly Prancing .... Trixie Friganza, George Moon, Daniel Morris, Dancers
  • Spark of Life, The (Descriptive Dance) .... Adelaide and Hughes
  • Bacchanal Rag, The .... Anna Wheaton, Willie Howard, Chorus

Act Two

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  • Policeman's Lot is a Happy One, A .... Ernest Hare, Male Chorus
  • You Never Could Tell We Were Married .... Trixie Friganza
  • My Reuben Girlie .... J. J. Hughes, Dancers
  • Mr. Pagliacci .... Eugene Howard, Willie Howard
  • Always Together .... George Moon and Daniel Morris
  • American Dancers, The .... Adelaide and Hughes
  • Philadelphia Drag, The .... Sidney Grant, Anna Wheaton, Dancers
  • Metropolitan Squawk-ette, The .... Trixie Friganza, Willie Howard, Eugene Howard, Ernest Hare
  • (That) Haunting Melody .... Clarence Harvey, Ernest Hare
  • Rum, Tum, Fidelle (Rum, Tum, Tiddle) .... Clarence Harvey, Ernest Hare
  • In 2010 .... Shirley Kellogg, Chorus
  • Finale .... Company

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