Tales of the City

World Premiere (2011)

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Cast Highlights

Anna Madrigal
Mary Ann Singleton
Mona Ramsay
Michael 'Mouse' Tollivar
Norman Neal Williams
Brian Hawkins
Edgar Halcyon
Dede Halcyon-Day
Beauchamp Day
Jon Fielding

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Nobody's City .... Mary Ann Singleton, Connie Bradshaw, Company
  • Everything Good Gets Better .... Mona Ramsey, Michael â??Mouseâ? Tolliver
  • Atlantis .... Anna Madrigal, Company
  • Bolero .... Beauchamp Day, Mary Ann Singleton
  • Stay for a While .... DeDe Halcyon-Day
  • Love Comes Running .... Michael â??Mouseâ? Tolliver, Jon Fielding, Mona Ramsey, Brian Hawkins, Mary Ann Singleton, Anna Madrigal, Company
  • Crotch .... Mona Ramsey, Company
  • Homosexual Convalescent Center .... Jon Fielding, Michael â??Mouseâ? Tolliver, Charles Hillary Lord, Archibald Gidde, Richard Hampton, Company
  • Mary Ann .... Mona Ramsey, Michael â??Mouseâ? Tolliver, Anna Madrigal, Brian Hawkins, Jon Fielding, Mary Ann Singleton
  • The Next Time You See Me .... Anna Madrigal

Act Two

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  • Defending My Life .... Manita Bryant, Company
  • Atlantis (reprise) .... Company
  • Plus One .... DeDe Halcyon-Day
  • Richard Nixon .... Company
  • Where Beauty Lies .... Mary Ann Singleton, Norman Neal Williams
  • Seeds and Stems .... Mona Ramsey, Company
  • Dear Mama .... Michael â??Mouseâ? Tolliver
  • Ride 'em Hard .... Mother Mucca, Company
  • Where Beauty Lies (reprise) .... Norman Neal Williams
  • The Next Time You See Me (reprise) .... Edgar Halcyon
  • Paper Faces .... Mary Ann Singleton, Company
  • Dear Mama (reprise) .... Anna Madrigal, Company
  • No Apologies .... Anna Madrigal

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Trivia & History

Originally set to close July 10, it was extended due to strong ticket sales.

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