Baker Street

Musicals in Mufti Production (2001)

Trivia & History

Barbara Walsh was a last-minute replacement for Dee Hoty for all peformances after the first. The playbill for the production listed Dee Hoty, and there was an insert announcing Barbara Walsh.

The songs that Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick wrote for the original production were not included here. One cut song, "A Veritable Work of Art," was restored. Marian Grudeff and Raymond Jessel also wrote some new songs for this production.

The song list in the production's playbill listed Baxter as leading "Jewelry," but there was no such character in the playbill's cast list. The character was, however, listed in the bios as one of Warren Kelley's roles.

Although the playbill's cast list designated Professor Moriarty simply as Moriarty, the playbill's song list referred to the character as Professor Moriarty.

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