Baker Street

Musicals in Mufti Production (2001)

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Cast Highlights

Irene Adler
Sherlock Holmes
Dr. Watson
Captain Gregg/Irregular
Mrs. Hudson/Ensemble

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • It's Simple .... Holmes, Watson, Gregg and Lestrade
  • I'm Back in London .... Irene and Chorus
  • Leave It to Us, Guv .... Wiggins and Irregulars
  • Letters .... Irene and Chorus
  • The Five Senses
  • Finding Words for Spring .... Holmes and Irene
  • What a Night This Is Going to Be .... Holmes and Irene
  • A Veritable Work of Art .... Professor Moriarty and Holmes

Act Two

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  • Roof Space
  • Sixty Long Years .... Wiggins and Irregulars
  • A Married Man .... Watson
  • I'd Do It Again .... Irene and Chorus
  • The Pursuit (To Dover) .... Holmes
  • Rest in Peace
  • Jewelry .... Baxter and Criminals
  • Could I Have Been Wrong? .... Holmes

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Trivia & History

Barbara Walsh was a last-minute replacement for Dee Hoty for all peformances after the first. The playbill for the production listed Dee Hoty, and there was an insert announcing Barbara Walsh.

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