Stock Tour (1973)

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Much of the cast of this production also appeared in a production later that year at the Coconut Grove Playhouse in Miami and at the Parker Playhouse in Ft. Lauderdale.

All programs we have found for the production list only the four older principal characters as singing "Waiting for the Girls Upstairs." While it seems unlikely that the number was retooled to eliminate the younger counterparts of the four principals, we have followed the programs' character listings for the number since we do not know if perhaps the production did, indeed, eliminate the younger characters from the number.

It is clear that the production did make some notable changes, for example, eliminating the Whitmans (and their song, "Rain on the Roof") and also eliminating the character Dimitri Weismann. Given that the character Heidi Schiller was renamed Heidi Schiller Weismann, it seems that she must have been reconceived as his widow, and she must have hosted the reunion that is the focus of the action.

Another oddity in the programs we have found is the placement of "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow" and "Love Will See Us Through" before "Loveland." We have followed this placement in our list of musical numbers for the production, odd thought it seems.

Jan Clayton, who had appeared in the original Broadway production as a replacement Christine Crane and was the standby for the role of Sally Durant Plummer for most of the run, was originally announced for the tour. Presumably, she was to have played Sally, but Jane Kean ended up playing the role in the production (at least for most of the run). 

The tour went on for so long that replacements took over in some roles. Lynn Bari, who was playing Carlotta Campion, left for health reasons and was replaced by Julie Wilson. At one point in the tour, Terry Saunders, who had been a replacement in a couple of roles during the run of the Broadway production as well as a replacement standby/understudy in three roles, took over as Sally, but then Jane Kean returned. Lillian Roth came in to play Hattie Walker for the run at Playhouse on the Mall in Paramus, New Jersey (although Selma Diamond, who played the role for most of the tour's run, was included in a New York Times listing for the run), but she had to be replaced during the run there by Helon Blount, who had understudied the role in the Broadway production.

A New York Times listing for the one of the tour's later engagements included Claudia McNeil among the leading players, but she seems to have never joined the tour. 

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