Florida Mini-Tour (1973)

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Cast Highlights

Sally Durant Plummer
Stella Deems
Hattie Walker
Solange LaFitte
Carlotta Campion
Phyllis Rogers Stone
Benjamin Stone
Buddy Plummer

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Beautiful Girls .... Roscoe & Company
  • Don't Look at Me .... Sally, Ben
  • Waiting for the Girls Upstairs .... Buddy, Ben, Phyllis, Sally, Young Buddy, Young Ben, Young Phyllis and Young Sally
  • Bolero d'Amour .... Danced by Vincent, Vanessa
  • Ah, Paris! .... Solange
  • Broadway Baby .... Hattie
  • The Road You Didn't Take .... Ben
  • In Buddy's Eyes .... Sally
  • Who's That Woman? .... Stella & Company
  • I'm Still Here .... Carlotta & Boys
  • Too Many Mornings .... Ben, Sally

Act Two

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  • The Right Girl .... Buddy
  • One More Kiss .... Heidi, Young Heidi
  • Could I Leave You? .... Phyllis
  • You're Gonna Love Tomorrow .... Young Ben, Young Phyllis
  • Love Will See Us Through .... Young Buddy, Young Sally
  • Loveland .... Sung by the Ensemble
  • Losing My Mind .... Sung by Mrs. Sally Durant Plummer
  • The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues .... Sung and danced by Mr. Buddy Plummer, with the assistance of Miss Phyllis Rogers and Miss Sally Durant
  • The Story of Lucy and Jessie .... Sung by Mrs. Phyllis Rogers Stone (Danced by Mrs. Stone and the Dancing Ensemble)
  • Live, Laugh, Love .... Sung by Mr. Benjamin Stone (Danced by Mr. Stone and Dancers)

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Trivia & History

There are certain anomalies about the playbill's song list for the production. Since it seems possible that the production did play this way, we have chosen to maintain them. These include:

  • In the playbill, "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow" and "Love Will See Us Through" are placed before "Loveland."
  • The playbill does list "Miss Phyllis Rogers" as well as "Miss Sally Durant" as providing assistance to "Mr. Buddy Plummer" in "The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues."
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