Walking Happy

Original Broadway Production (1966)

Trivia & History

By mid-January 1967, the first "You're Right, You're Right" and "People Who Are Nice" were cut from the show. The reprise of "You're Right, You're Right" remained in the show, though it was no longer a reprise. (The playbill did not use the word reprise for either of the two reprises in the list of musical numbers, but simply listed the titles a second time.)

The list of musical numbers listed only Hobson as singing "People Who Are Nice," although on the cast recording he is joined in the song by the Thief and the Policeman. When the song was cut altogether from the production, the characters were no longer in the playbill's cast list.

The roles of the Thief, Policeman, and Beggar were cut from the production shortly after the opening, although the actors in those roles remained in the cast as part of the ensemble.

"People Who Are Nice," one of two songs cut from the production fairly early in the run, is heard on the cast recording sung by Hobson, the Thief and the Policeman. But opening-night playbills list only Hobson so it may be that despite what is on the cast recording, they were cut from the number by then, and what is heard on the recording is an earlier versioon of the number.

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