The Beggar's Opera

City Center Revival (1957)

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Polly Peachum
Mr. Peachum
Mrs. Peachum
Mr. Lockit
Lucy Lockit
Mrs. Coaxer
Jenny Diver
Dolly Trull
Beggar Poet

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  • Let Us Take the Road
  • My Heart Was So Free
  • Were I Laid on Greenland's Coast
  • Virgins Are Like the Fair Flower in Its Lustre
  • Our Polly Is a Sad Slut
  • The Turtle Thus with Plaintive Crying
  • Tis the Woman that Seduces all Mankind
  • Through All the Employments of Life
  • Hanging is My Only Sport
  • Oh What Pain It is to Part
  • No Power on Earth Can e'er Divide
  • Man May Escape from Rope and Gun
  • Why How Now, Madam Flirt?
  • Is Then His Fate Decreed, Sir?
  • Fill Every Glass
  • The Ways of the World
  • If the Heart of a Man is Depressed with Cares
  • Youth's the Season Made for Joys
  • When Young at the Bar You First Taught Me to Score
  • In the Days of My Youth
  • At the Tree I Shall Suffer with Pleasure
  • I'm Like a Skiff on the Ocean Tossed
  • Come, Sweet Lass
  • The Charge is Prepared
  • Would I Might Be Hang'd
  • Since Laws Were Made for Every Degree

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