The White Eagle

Original Broadway Production (1927)

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Captain James Wynnegate / Jim Carson
Earl of Kerhill
The Sun Watcher
The Medicine Man of the Utes
The Indian Dancer
Shepherd Boy (English Dancer)
Goddess (English Dancer)
Lady Mabel

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  • Alone (My Lover)
  • Thunder Dance
  • Regimental Song
  • Gather the Rose
  • Smile, Darn You, Smile
  • Give Me One Hour
  • Follow On
  • Silverwing
  • Black Eagles
  • Winona
  • Bad Man Number
  • A Home for You
  • Dance, Dance, Dance
  • A Indian Lullaby
  • My Heaven with You

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Trivia & History

A complete song list was not included in the program. The list on this page is a list provided by management as being the best melodies in the show.

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