Nunsense Jamboree

World Premiere (1995)

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Cast Highlights

Sister Robert Anne
Sister Mary Wilhelm
Father Virgil Manly Trott
Sister Mary Leo
Sister Mary Amnesia

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Nunsense Jamboree, The .... The Cast
  • I Could've Gone to Nashville .... Sr. Amnesia
  • Ascension Air .... Sr. Robert Anne & Fr. Virgil
  • Technicolor Woman, A .... Sr. Leo
  • Seven A.M. in Phoenix .... Sr. Wilhelm with Sr. Leo
  • Play a Country Enut .... Sr. Robert Anne
  • Story of Ida Lee, The .... Fr. Virgil and Sr. Mary Annette
  • Every Day of the Week Is a Saturday .... Sr. Amnesia
  • Good Book, A .... Sr. Leo and Fr. Virgil
  • Give Praise to the Lord .... The Cast
  • You're a Nun .... The Cast
  • Manger Inn, The .... Fr. Virgil
  • Tribute to St. Catherine Laboure, A .... Sr. Amensia and The Cast

Act Two

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  • Growing Up in Brooklyn .... Sr. Robert Anne
  • Perfect Plot, The .... Srs. Leo, Robert Anne, Amensia and Fr. Virgil
  • Delta Queen, The .... Fr. Virgil
  • Franciscan Fodder .... Srs. Leo and Robert Anne
  • Mini-Pearls of Wisdom .... Srs. Wilhelm, Amensia and Fr. Virgil
  • Cowgirl from Canarsie, A .... Sr. Robert Anne and The Cast
  • We Miss You, Patsy Cline .... Srs. Robert Anne, Leo and Fr. Virgil
  • Every Time You Smiled at Me .... Sr. Amnesia
  • Do Unto Others .... The Cast
  • Nunsense Jamboree, The (Reprise) .... The Cast

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