A Mother's Kisses

Closed on the road (1968)

Trivia & History

Joseph Anthony was originally suggested as director.

Scheduled to open on Broadway on October 29, 1968 at the 46th Street Theatre.

The first 10 rows of the orchestra section were to have divan seats and be priced at $11. The rest of the orchestra section was to cost $10.

The production cost an estimated $500,000. Half of the investment came from Frederic S. Mates, president of Mates Investment Fund, and his wife, Barbara, an associate professor of psychology at Columbia University.

Roles that were to have been played by Bernadette Peters and Martin Wolfson seem to have been dropped from the show before the first performances in New Haven. Some sources say that Peters and Wolfson were in the first performances in New Haven, but they are not included in the cast list with the Variety review of the New Haven opening. It is possible, however, that they were in the one preview that was played before opening night in New Haven.

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