A Mother's Kisses


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Based on the novel by Bruce Jay Friedman


Uninhibited, aggressively friendly Meg wrangles a waiter's job from Doe Salamandro at his summer Camp Fleetwind for her quiet, retiring, college-aspiring son, Joseph. Meg leaves her three-room Bensonhurst apartment and rents a cottage on the lake opposite the camp to watch over her son. Joseph, accused of stealing money, leaves the camp in disgrace and with a badly infected arm. Quack Dr. Hurwitz nearly causes Joseph to lose his arm but Meg intercedes with a medical specialist, Dr. Peretz, who cures the infection. Meg's chutzpah knows no limit: she cons divorcée Mrs. Rhinelander into getting Joseph accepted at a college and, proud of her buxom "form," seductively entertains Commander Vanderhuysen to assure Joseph a room at college. Meg accompanies Joseph to Kansas Land Grant Agricultural College, assuring everyone at Topeka's Goatback Hotel that she and Joseph are lovers so they can share the same room. With a little help from his mother, Joseph's acceptance on campus fails, climaxed when Meg calls the police to locate her son when he has a late date with a co-ed. Joseph rebels at his over-dressed, over-made-up, overly possessive mother and asks her to leave. Irrepressible Meg agrees to go but feels the best college course Joseph could take would be a course in his mother's personality.

Trivia & History

Gabriel Katzka, Gustave Berne and Buddy Robbins acquired the rights to the book in 1964 for $30,000 and announced the production for the 1966-67 season. Katzka and Berne moved on to other projects and Robbins became responsible for television musical spectaculars.

The three hired Jerome Chodorov to write the book and Richard Adler and Bob Merrill to do the score.

After Katzka, Berne and Robbins moved on, Alan King, Walter A. Hyman, Eugene Wolsk and Emanuel Azenberg came in. They hired Avery Schreiber to develop a treatment.

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