The Life

Original Broadway Production (1997)

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Act One

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  • Check It Out! .... Company
  • Use What You Got .... Jojo and The Company
  • A Lovely Day to Be Out of Jail .... Queen and Sonja
  • A Piece of the Action .... Fleetwood
  • The Oldest Profession .... Sonja
  • Don't Take Much .... Memphis
  • Go Home .... Queen and Mary
  • You Can't Get to Heaven .... Queen, Sonja and Streeet Evangelists
  • My Body .... Frenchie, Chichi, Tracy, Carmen, Sonja, Queen and April
  • Why Don't They Leave Us Alone .... Jojo, Shoeshine, Silky, Slick, Snickers, April, Carmen, Chichi, Frenchie, Queen, Sonja and Tracy
  • Easy Money .... Lou, Mary, Jojo and Fleetwood
  • He's No Good .... Lou and Queen
  • I'm Leaving You .... Queen
  • The Hookers' Ball .... Lacy and The Company

Act Two

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  • Step Right Up .... Enrique and Monte Hustlers
  • Mr. Greed .... Jojo, Bobby, Enrique, Oddjob and Slick
  • My Way or the Highway .... Memphis and Queen
  • People Magazine .... Lou and Mary
  • We Had a Dream .... Queen
  • Use What You Got .... Mary, Lou and Jojo
  • 'Someday' Is for Suckers .... Sonja, Frenchie, April, Shatellia and Carmen
  • My Friend .... Queen and Sonja
  • We Gotta Go .... Fleetwood and Queen
  • Check It Out! (Reprise) .... Company

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Trivia & History

During previews:

  • "Why Don't They Leave Us Alone?" was sung by Oddjob and Bobby and not Jojo and Shoeshine.
  • "Easy Money" was just sung by Mary, Jojo and Fleetwood.
  • "He's No Good" was only sung by Queen.
  • "Step Right Up" was sung by Enrique, Slick, Oddjob and Bobby.
  • "Someday is For Suckers" included Tracy and Chichi

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