The City Chap

Original Broadway Production (1925)

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Grace Bartlett
Stephen Kellogg
Betty Graham
Roland Barnett
Josie Lockwood
Miss Sperry

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Like the Nymphs of Spring .... Grace and Girls
  • The Go-Getter .... Stephen, Grace and Girls
  • Journey's End .... Nat
  • Finaletto .... Ensemble
  • Sympathetic Someone .... Betty and Nat
  • The City Chap .... Pete, Wally, Roland and Josie
  • He Is the Type .... Josie, Betty and Girls
  • Journey's End .... Nat, Betty, Josie and Angie
  • If You Are as Good as You Look .... Nat, Josie and Angie
  • Finaletto .... Wally, Pete, Betty, Roland, Ensemble

Act Two

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  • The Fountain of Youth .... Lucy Monroe, Miss Sperry, Angie, Danzi Goodell, Girls and Mound City Blue Blowers
  • A Pill a Day .... Roland and Lockwood
  • Walking Home with Josie .... Nat, Josie, Tracey, Angie, Sam, Pete, Roland, Pearl, Boys and Girls
  • Bubbles of Bliss .... Ensemble
  • Dances .... Ensemble
  • No One Knows .... Betty, Stephen, Nat and Grace
  • Dances .... Specialty Dancers, George Olsen and His Band
  • Journey's End
  • When I Fell in Love .... Stephen, Betty, Nat and Grace
  • Dance .... Roland
  • Finale .... Ensemble

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