Charlot's Revue of 1926

Original Broadway Production (1925)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • How D'You Do? .... Fenner Irving, Billy Stockfeld, Eric Fawcett, Jill Williams, Hugh Sinclair, Herbert Mundin, Gertrude Lawrence, Beatrice Lillie, Jack Buchanan & Show Girls
  • Let's All Go Raving Mad .... Gertrude Lawrence & Chorus
  • Buying a Hat (sketch) .... Jack Buchanan, Herbert Mundin, Hugh Sinclair, Eric Fawcett & Jill Williams
  • Mouse! Mouse! .... Beatrice Lillie
  • The Mender of Broken Dreams .... Gertrude Lawrence, Herbert Mundin & Chorus
  • The Fox Has Left His Lair .... Jack Buchanan & Company
  • Fallen Babies .... Phyllis Austen, Jill Williams, Beatrice Lillie & Gertrude Lawrence
  • Gigolette .... Jack Buchanan
  • Susannah's Squeaking Shoes .... Beatrice Lillie & Chorus
  • Carrie! .... Gertrude Lawrence
  • Fate (sketch) .... Jack Buchanan, Gertrude Lawrence, Herbert Mundin & George Pughe
  • A Little Slut of Six .... Beatrice Lillie & Hugh Sinclair
  • Win - A Romantic Reverie (sketch) .... Jack Buchanan & Full Company

Act Two

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  • Take Them All Away .... Jack Buchanan & Chorus
  • Follow Mister Cook .... Beatrice Lillie & Herbert Mundin
  • A Cup of Coffee (sketch)
  • A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich and You .... Jack Buchanan & Gertrude Lawrence
  • References (sketch) .... Beatrice Lillie, Phyllis Austen & Billy Stockfeld
  • Russian Blues .... Gertrude Lawrence & Chorus
  • Methods of Barberism (sketch) .... Herbert Mundin, Eric Fawcett, Jack Buchanan & George Pughe
  • Sealed Feet (Burlesque on "Les Sylphides") .... Beatrice Lillie & Hazel Wynne
  • Poor Little Rich Girl .... Gertrude Lawrence, George Pughe, Hugh Sinclair & Constance Carpenter
  • Oxford Bags .... Jack Buchanan
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

There were quite a few changes made to the show after opening.

The following sketches were dropped after opening:

  • The Mender of Broken Dreams
  • Follow Mister Cook

After the third week of the run, the following were added to Act One (placement unknown):

  • "Off the Lines" (sketch) - Gertrude Lawrence & Jack Buchanan
  • "All the World's a Stage" (sketch) - Douglas Furber, George Pughe, Jack Buchanan, Phyllis Austen & Billy Stockfield.
  • "Rough Stuff" (sketch) - Gertrude Lawrence & Beatrice Lillie
  • "Inaudibility" (sketch) - performers unknown

Added after the third week to Act Two (placement unknown):

  • "March with Me" - Beatrice Lillie & Chorus
  • "The Tragedy of Jones" (sketch) - Gertrude Lawrence

Added in the last week of December (placement unknown):

  • "Early Mourning" (sketch) - Gertrude Lawrence & Effie Atherton
  • "I Don't Know" - Gertrude Lawrence

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