America's Sweetheart

Original Broadway Production (1931)

Trivia & History

On Saturday, May 23, 1931, it was announced in the New York Times that Max Hoffmann, Jr. would replace Jack Whiting "in about two weeks." The show closed exactly two weeks later, with the closing seems to have been announced just two or three days before the final performance. It's uncertain whether Whiting played the entire final week or if Hoffman did take over for the last week or even just the last few performances.

Certain online and print sources, including The Rodgers and Hammerstein Fact Book, list Jay Ford as the actor who played Mr. Corrigan, one of the studio executives, but every playbill we've looked at — from pre-Broadway to opening week on Broadway till late May — lists Frank Dow in the role. The Fact Book also misspells the last names of several ensemble members.

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