America's Sweetheart

Original Broadway Production (1931)

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Cast Highlights

S. A. Dolan, General Manager of Premier Pictures
Larry Pitkin, of the Comedy Films
Michael Perry, from St. Paul
Geraldine March, also from St. Paul
Denise Torel, an Imported Star
Paula, a Movie Actress
Dorith, a Movie Actress
Georgia, Georgiana and Georgette
Madge Farrell, His Partner
Lottie, a Waitress

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Mr. Dolan Is Passing Through .... Mr. Dolan, Mr. and Mrs. Coolidge, Executives and Ensemble
  • In Califor-n-i-a .... Dorith, Paula and Movie Actresses
  • My Sweet .... Madge and Larry
  • I've Got Five Dollars .... Gerry and Michael
  • I've Got Five Dollars (Reprise) .... Gerry and Michael
  • Sweet Geraldine .... Georgia, Georgiana and Georgette
  • There's So Much More .... Denise and Larry
  • We'll Be the Same .... Gerry, Michael and Ensemble
  • We'll Be the Same (Reprise) .... Michael and Larry
  • How About It .... Madge and Michael
  • Innocent Chorus Girls of Yesterday .... Movie Stars
  • A Lady Must Live .... Denise

Act Two

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  • Opening .... Mr. Dolan and Directors
  • You Ain't Got No Savoir Faire .... Madge and Larry
  • Two Unfortunate Orphans .... Paula, Dorith and Ensemble
  • I Want a Man .... Denise
  • Tennessee Dan .... Georgia, Georgiana and Georgette
  • How About It (Reprise) .... Denise, MIchael, Larry and Company
  • Finale .... Gerry and Michael

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Trivia & History

On Saturday, May 23, 1931, it was announced in the New York Times that Max Hoffmann, Jr. would replace Jack Whiting "in about two weeks." The show closed exactly two weeks later, with the closing seems to have been announced just two or three days before the final performance. It's uncertain whether Whiting played the entire final week or if Hoffman did take over for the last week or even just the last few performances.

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