Original Broadway Production (1969)

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John Hancock (President)
John Adams (Massachusetts)
Stephen Hopkins (Rhode Island)
Benjamin Franklin (Pennsylvania)
John Dickinson (Pennsylvania)
Richard Henry Lee (Virginia)
Thomas Jefferson (Virginia)
Edward Rutledge (South Carolina)
Abigail Adams
Martha Jefferson

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  • Sit Down, John .... John Adams & the Congress
  • Piddle, Twiddle and Resolve .... Adams
  • Till Then .... John & Abigail Adams
  • The Lees of Old Virginia .... Lee, Franklin & Adams
  • But, Mr. Adams .... Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Sherman & Livingston
  • Yours, Yours, Yours .... John & Abigail Adams
  • He Plays the Violin .... Martha Jefferson, Franklin & Adams
  • Cool, Cool, Considerate Men .... Dickinson & The Conservatives
  • Momma Look Sharp .... Courier, Congressional Custodian & Leather Apron
  • The Egg .... Franklin, Adams & Jefferson
  • Molasses to Rum .... Rutledge
  • Yours, Yours, Yours (Reprise) .... Abigail
  • Is Anybody There? .... Adams

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

1776 won the New York Drama Critics Circle award for best musical on the first ballot, by winning a majority of the votes cast for the award. By the group's rules, 50 percent or more of the votes must be won by a musical (or, for the play awards, by a play) on the first ballot or the group has the option of choosing to give no award or moving to a second, weighted ballot on which each critic lists three choices. (There was a period in the group's history when it was not necessary to win a majority, just a plurality, for a work to win one of the group's awards.) 

1776 received 9 votes from the participating critics. Other shows that received votes were Hair (3), Promises, Promises and Zorbá (2 each), and, most strangely (since it is a play), The Great White Hope (1). Two critics abstained. By a precedent established at the previous season's voting session, their votes were not counted in opposition, thus giving 1776 a majority with nine out 17 votes cast from the 19 critics present.

1776 won three 1969 Tony three awards: best musical; best performance by a supporting or featured actor in a musical (Ronald Holgate as Richard Henry Lee); and best director of a musical (Peter Hunt).

In addition, Virginia Vestoff (Abigail Adams) was nominated for best performance by a supporting or featured actress in a musical, and Jo Mielziner was nominated for scenic design. William Daniels, who played John Adams, was nominated for best performance by a supporting or featured actor in a musical, but he declined his nomination because he believed he should have been considered in the leading-actor category. 

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