The Roar of the Greasepaint -- The Smell of the Crowd

Original Broadway Production (1965)

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The production was originally announced for a Broadway opening at the Broadhurst on April 8, 1965, but the pre-Broadway tour (which started on February 4, 1965) was extended, and the theatre ended up switching to the Shubert.

The Boston tryout run was originally to have been two weeks, but it was extended for a third, and more engagements were added. Merrick announced that the tryout would continue into the fall, with summer runs in San Francisco and Los Angeles, but that did not happen, perhaps because of resistance from star and co-author Anthony Newley, who publicly stated that he was starring in the show only with great reluctance. In an interview with Kevin Kelly of the Boston Globe, he said, "I want to act in this like I want to shoot myself." He left the Broadway production after six months. He was replaced by Orson Bean. It closed two weeks later.


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