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Grand Opera House

Chicago, IL

Venue Info

Built: 1880
Closed: 1958
Demolished: 1958
Seating Capacity: 1500

Location Info

118 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL
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Other Names

  • Grand Opera House (1880)
  • Cohan's Grand Opera House (1910s)
  • RKO Grand (1943)

Trivia & History

Chicago's Grand Opera House was opened as part of a renovation of Hamlin's Theatre building.

In the 1910s, it was taken over by George M. Cohan and renamed. The Shubert Organization subsequently operated the theatre.

It was modernized in 1926.

The theatre became a movie house in 1942 and was renamed the RKO Grand the following year. It showed movies until March 1958 and was demolished a month later.

The Richard J. Daley Center was built on the site.


Performance History

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