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Sue Milligan, a clerk in a Fifth Avenue jewelry store, is often sent to palatial homes to display merchandise. On these trips, she is accompanied by Chick O'Brien, a former lightweight boxer from 10th Avenue who is now employed by the jeweler as a guard. Sue goes to the home of the Wests with some pearls for the family's daughter, Minerva, who is to be married the next day to Dave Craig. Minerva and Dave have planned a party for that evening in honor of a college friend of Minerva's, an heiress from St. Louis, who is to be Minerva's bridesmaid.

But the secret purpose of the party is to set up a match between Minerva's woman-hating brother, Philip (a successful publisher), and Minerva's heiress friend. Minerva's much-married aunt Mildred is in on the plan. When a telegram arrives from Minerva's friend saying that she will not be able to attend, Sue is persuaded to pretend to be the friend so that the festivities may proceed. Chick, meanwhile, ain't goin' nowhere without Sue. While waiting for everytihng to be resolved, he finds time to dance and sing some numbers.

Sue turns out to have great success in converting Philip from his dislike of the fairer sex, so much so that the family starts to worry about Sue's lack of social acceptability as a match for Philip. 

In the end, it turns out that Sue is not only the daughter of Maryland's Senator Cumberland, she is also a successful author. She has simply been masquerading as a shop girl. All ends happily.

Trivia & History

Performance materials for this show can be found in the library of the University of WIsconsin at Madison. The materials were at one time the property of Tams-Witmark.

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