Take a Chance


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Two small-time gamblers, Duke Stanley and Louie Webb, leave their carnival circuit to seek greater fortunes in the legitimate theater. Their friend Toni Ray wants to be a singer and her Harvard-educated boyfriend, Kenneth Raleigh, also wants to enter show business. They meet a no-nonsense nightclub singer, Wanda Brill. Wanda performs a risque number in a New Orleans club in a red dress and black boa ("Eadie Was a Lady").

Trivia & History

Take a Chance was a rewritten version of a previous out-of-town closer, Humpty Dumpty. Within three weeks of that show's demise, the authors had retooled the show. Much of the score and the same general plot was used. Vincent Youmans was brought in to write several new songs.

Alternate Titles

  • Two's Company (working title)
  • We Three (no note)
  • We're Three (pre-Broadway title)

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