The Last Sweet Days of Isaac


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Two related one-act musicals.

"The Elevator" — Isaac Bernstein imagines himself on the brink of an untimely death and therefore sets about making every moment a perfect work of art. To heighten and record his existence, he carries with him a guitar, a trumpet, a dozen little instruments stuffed in his pockets, a tape recorder, a camera, and an orchestra in his head. On this fateful day in his 33rd year, he finds himself stuck in a stalled elevator with Ingrid, a secretary who has always wished to be a poet. In the hour that they are stuck in the elevator, Isaac tries to teach Ingrid to live life to the fullest.

"I Want to Walk to San Francisco" — Isaac is now 19. He and blond, beautiful Alice are locked away separately in solitary prison cells. They communicate with each other and with the world only through a television camera in each cell and a television screen. They try to make love to each other's images, but a newscast interrupts their tryst on the tube with an on-scene report of Isaac's death at a demonstration. The newscast ends, and Isaac and Alice are left with each other's images in their once-removed world, unsure if they are alive or dead.

(Adapted from the authors' synopses on the back jacket of the LP release of the cast recording.)

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