Nymph Errant

Original Cast Members (1933)



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Evangeline Edwards
Haidee Robinson

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    • Experiment .... Evangeline
    • The Physician .... Evangeline
    • How Could We Be Wrong .... Evangeline
    • It's Bad for Me .... Evangeline
    • Nymph Errant .... Evangeline
    • Solomon .... Haidee

Trivia & History

The six numbers were originally issued on three 78s. The couplings were:

"Experiment" and "The Physican"

"How Could We Be Wrong?" and "It's Bad for Me"

"Nymph Errant" and "Solomon"

These were issued on HMV in England, and on Victor in the United States. RCA Victor later issued on a 10-inch LP the five sides featuring Gertrude Lawrence along with her Lady in the Dark studio recordings. There have been several public domain issues of the Lawrence recordings and at least one of Elisabeth Welch's recording of "Solomon."

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