Original Off-Broadway Cast (1963)





Jenny Farrell
Mrs. Farrell
John Stone
Louise Sumner
Dr. Fred Sumner

Track List

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    • Prelude .... Orchestra
    • I Cannot Tell Her So .... John
    • I Want a Surprise .... Jenny
    • Riverwind .... Louise
    • American Family Plan .... Burt and Virginia
    • Pardon Me While I Dance .... Fred and Jenny
    • Wishing Song .... Fred, John, Virginia and Jenny
    • Sew the Buttons On .... Mrs. Farrell and Jenny
    • Almost, But Not Quite .... Burt and Virginia
    • A Woman Must Think of These Things .... Louise
    • I Love Your Laughing Face .... John
    • A Woman Must Never Grow Old .... Louise and Mrs. Farrell
    • I'd Forgotten How Beautiful She Could Be .... Fred and Jenny
    • Riverwind (reprise) .... Company

Trivia & History

On the LP jacket (both on the cover and the back), a credit reads "specially arranged and conducted by Abba Bogin." Although Joseph Stecko was the musical director for the production onstage, Bogin conducted and created expanded orchestrations for the recording. Some issues of the recording also credit Stecko with musical direction on the cover.

Cover Art

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