Animal Crackers

Paper Mill Playhouse Cast (1993)





Groucho/Jeffery T. Spalding
Chico/Signor Emanuel Ravelli
Margaret Dumont/Mrs. Rittenhouse
Annabelle Rittenhouse

Track List

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    • Overture
    • Opening Chorus
    • Social Ladder
    • Hooray for Captain Spalding!
    • Hello, I Must Be Going
    • Hooray for Captain Spalding! (Reprise)
    • Hooray for Captain Spalding! (Reprise)
    • I Wanna Be Loved By You
    • Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You)
    • Keep Your Undershirt On
    • News [revised]
    • All Alone Monday
    • Oh By Jingo! Oh By Gee
    • News [revised] (Reprise)
    • Entr'acte
    • Three Little Words
    • Show Me a Rose
    • Social Ladder
    • Why Am I So Romantic?
    • The Long Island Low Down
    • Hooray for Captain Spalding! (Reprise)
    • Finale

Trivia & History

Just prior to the Finale of Act 1 (a reprise of 'The News') is a specialty instrumental titled 'Ravelli's Piano Solo'. This consists of a medley of various classical and popular selections played in the comedy style of Victor Borge.

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