I Do! I Do!

Original Broadway Cast (Pre-Broadway) (1966)





She (Agnes)
He (Michael)

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    • All the Dearly Beloved (Prologue)
    • Together Forever (Prologue)
    • I Do! I Do! (Prologue) .... Both
    • Good Night .... Both
    • I Do! I Do! (Reprise)
    • Together Forever .... Both
    • I Love My Wife .... He
    • Something Has Happened .... She
    • My Cup Runneth Over .... Both
    • Love Isn't Everything .... Both
    • Nobody's Perfect .... Both
    • A Well Known Fact .... He
    • Flaming Agnes .... She
    • The Honeymoon Is Over .... Both
    • Where Are the Snows? .... Both
    • When the Kids Get Married .... Both
    • The Father of the Bride .... He
    • What Is a Woman? .... She
    • Thousands of Flowers .... Both
    • I Do! I Do! (Reprise) .... Both

Trivia & History

This recording is sometimes said to have been recorded at the National Theatre in Washington, D.C., but it seems more likely that it was recorded at the Colonial Theatre in Boston. This is because it includes "Thousands of Flowers," which seems to have been cut by the time performance started in D.C. This recording does not include "Someone Needs Me," Roll Up the Ribbons," and "This House," all not yet added to the show.

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