Wish You Were Here

Original London Cast (1953)



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Chick Miller
Pinky Harris
Teddy Stern
Fay Fromkin

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    • Camp Karefree .... Kandel, Waiters, and Ensemble
    • There's Nothing Nicer Than People .... Teddy, Fay, and Girls
    • Social Director .... Itchy and Ensemble
    • Shopping Around .... Fay
    • Bright College Days .... Waiters
    • Mix and Mingle .... Chick and Waiters
    • Could Be .... Girls, Teddy
    • Tripping the Light Fantastic .... Ensemble
    • Where Did the Night Go? .... Chick and Teddy, Ensemble
    • Certain Individuals .... Fay and Ensemble
    • They Won't Know Me .... Chick
    • Summer Afternoon .... Pinky and Ensemble
    • Don José of Far Rockaway .... Itchy and Ensemble
    • Everybody Love Everybody .... Fay and Ensemble
    • Wish You Were Here .... Chick and Waiters
    • Relax .... Pinky and Teddy
    • Flattery .... Teddy, Fay, and Itchy

Trivia & History

The original British issue of this show was on seven 10' 78's (Philips PB-200/206) and was never issued on LP until the 1980 issue on STET. It contains the only recording of "(There's Nothing) Nicer Than People," which replaced "Goodbye, Love" in the original Broadway production after the cast recording was made.

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