Unreleased Cast Recording (1973)





Wednesday November
Arthur (not seen)
Director (not seen)

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    • Changing
    • Welcome to a New World
    • Woke Up Today
    • It's Hard to Care
    • Mary Margaret's House in the Country
    • Woman on the Run
    • Don't Tell Me It's Forever
    • Sleep, My Baby, Sleep
    • I Bring Him Seashells
    • She's My Girl
    • You Gave Me Shelter
    • Too Many Women in My Life
    • He's a Fool
    • Goin' Home With My Children
    • Sleep, My Baby, Sleep (reprise)

Trivia & History

According to David Hummel's book The Collector's Guide to the American Musical Theatre, this album was to have been issued by Columbia on KS-32182 (S) but release was cancelled when the show closed. They did, however, release the OC single listed in the Excerpts section and those two songs are identical to the cuts of 'Woke Up Today' and 'Woman on the Run' on the private pressing.

It has also been said that there was never any intention of releasing anything more than the single. According to this version of the story, after the two songs were recorded, everyone who worked for Columbia left, but no one told the cast and musicians to leave. They were being given implicit permission to use the studio to make a complete cast recording for themselves.

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